Stephen W. Harvey founded Lot Management in 1986 with one sweeping truck and one client. In order to meet the heavy demands of his clients, Steve bundled services which now include sweeping, power washing, window washing, day porter, asphalt & concrete repair, and general contracting.

Lot Management is a member of The Red Cow Family of Companies. The value of Red Cow’s “Bundled Companies” strategy includes:

  • A single point of contact for multiple services on each property
  • Multiple levels of supervision with a willingness of employees to support those in other divisions
  • More efficient processes which can result in lower costs
  • Problem resolution is easier with quicker reaction time to reported issues

Lot Management services industry-leading commercial property owners and managers. Specializing in retail, office, industrial, HOA and biotech, Lot management’s portfolio now exceeds 100 million square feet. We are a licensed, bonded and insured contractor offering premium customer service and trade expertise. Our management team has nearly 100 years of combined industry experience.

Our Core Values

We value loyalty: we invest in our people and our clients with a long view.

We are entrepreneurial: we are responsive and flexible and we confidently trust and empower our people to offer creative solutions and make significant decisions.

We value fiscal responsibility: realizing that it is paramount to the success of our internal relationships and our external partnerships.

We value diversity… in people and expertise.

We are dedicated to industry leadership and we always, always do the right thing. 

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We serve where you serve.  Call and see if we are in your area!

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Serving California, Nevada, Southwest US

We serve where you serve.  Call and see if we are in your area!

(858) 357-9400

All Hustle.

These aren't just words, this is our mission. It's who we are. Its what we do, and it's why we exist.

No Hassle.

As your eyes and ears, Lot Management is an extension of your team and property management efforts.

Done Right.

We are dedicated to you, your clients, your properties, your tenants, your reputation, and your bottom line.